No matter how urgent the cold storage construction period is, these places must be done well.

June 9, 2022
Latest company case about No matter how urgent the cold storage construction period is, these places must be done well.

Note 1:
The closer the compressor of the cold storage is to the evaporator, the better. It is mainly easy to maintain and has better heat dissipation. If it is installed outdoors, pay attention to rain protection. It is recommended to build a canopy for open units. Safety is not easy to be touched by people.


Note 2:
Radiator installation The radiator installation position is as close to the host as possible, preferably in the upper position of the host, the radiator installation position has the best heat dissipation environment, the air inlet should not face the air outlet of other equipment, especially the oily gas, and the air outlet should not be short-circuited And facing other windows (especially residential windows) and equipment, the height should be 2M above the ground, and the installation level should be firm.



Note 3:
For copper pipe discharge, all copper pipes need to be wrapped through insulation pipes and wires in the same direction together with air-conditioning cable ties. Try to straighten the pipes and fix them in sections. The joints between the insulation pipes and the insulation pipes are sealed with electrical tape.


Note 4:
As shown in the picture above: Unit installation space size requirements: For air-cooled units, the distance between the condenser and the wall should not be less than 400mm, and the distance between the condenser fan and the wall should not be less than 1500mm; for water-cooled units, in order to facilitate the operation of the unit, the surrounding space distance should not be less than 500mm.



Note 5:
In addition to tying up all wires with air-conditioning cable ties, all wires should be protected by corrugated hoses or cable grooves, and the temperature display wires should not be close to the wires as much as possible.


Note 6:
Because the condenser and evaporator of the refrigeration system are sealed by pressure in the factory, there should be pressure when opening the package, and you can check whether there is any leakage. The copper pipes should have dust sealing measures at both ends, and pay attention to sealing at any time during construction. , to prevent dust from entering the tube, the condenser→host→evaporator, the copper pipe is connected by welding, and the interface is firm and beautiful.


Note 7:
For those connected by a bell mouth, the bell mouth should be smooth and free of burrs; for those connected by a welded mouth, dry nitrogen should be introduced into the pipeline to remove the oxide skin produced during welding in time; for those involving valve parts During local welding, the valve parts should be protected to prevent the valve parts from being burned.


Note 8:
The connecting pipeline between the unit and the evaporator should be as short and simple as possible, and elbows should be used as little as possible, and elbows with larger radius must be used.


Note 9:
The suction line of the compressor should have a slope of not less than 0.02, and it must be sloped towards the compressor to ensure that the lubricating oil can automatically flow back to the compressor when it is stopped, and can flow back together with the refrigerant gas continuously during operation. compressor.


Note 10:
The outlet of the evaporator must be installed with a U-shaped oil return bend, the U-shaped bend should be as small as possible, and a rising riser must be installed, and the height of the riser should be higher than the top of the evaporator.
When the unit is located above the evaporator, an inverted U-shaped oil return bend should be set every 4m on the ascending suction line. (See below )



Note 11:
Electrical wire performance configuration The wire diameter of the wire meets the requirements, the joint is firm, and the protection of the pipe can not be saved, and the power connection is correct. The lead wire enters the evaporator junction box hole, which needs to be sealed with silica gel. If the lamp is connected to a power of 36V or more, a ground wire is required. The power supply in the main unit electric cabinet needs a three-phase five-wire system, which must be reliably grounded.


Note 12:
The temperature control probe is installed. The probe and the temperature display probe are inserted into the return air outlet of the evaporator in the warehouse together, and are suspended in the air. The defrosting temperature control is also fixed on the top plate. can not be close to the electric heating tube), the temperature control and defrosting temperature control are fixed in the rear corner of the evaporator in the warehouse, and all wirings are sealed.


Note 13:
The balance window should not be installed in a conspicuous place or on the vertical plate of the air outlet. The height is 200MM opening from the upper part of the vertical plate.


Note 14:
The sealing of the library board All the parts running through the library board, the gap between the library board and the components needs to be sealed with sealant.