How to judge the quality of semi closed piston compressor quickly? The trick is precision

June 16, 2022
Latest company case about How to judge the quality of semi closed piston compressor quickly? The trick is precision

"Compressor designated by agricultural subsidies"

In 2021, the No. 1 central document of the central government proposed to accelerate the implementation of the cold chain logistics facility construction project for the storage and preservation of agricultural products, and promote the construction of small-scale storage and preservation cold chain facilities in Tiantou, low-temperature direct sales and distribution center of origin, and national backbone cold chain logistics base.


In order to implement the decision and deployment of the central government and accelerate the construction of cold storage and fresh-keeping facilities in producing areas, Hunan Provincial Department of agriculture and rural affairs and Hunan Provincial Department of Finance jointly issued the implementation plan for the construction of cold storage and fresh-keeping facilities in producing areas of agricultural products in 2021 (XNL [2021] No. 66 document). At the same time, it also printed and distributed the technical plan for the construction of cold storage and fresh-keeping facilities in the producing areas of agricultural products in Hunan Province prepared by the expert committee.


The scheme has certain suggestions on which compressor brand to use in the cold storage. For example, in the column of piston compressor, Lixi refrigeration was selected into the "2021 Hunan Province agricultural product origin cold storage and fresh-keeping construction catalogue". According to Mr. Zhao, "on the one hand, the designated brand can avoid the loopholes of fake products; on the other hand, it also affirms the quality of our compressors."


As soon as the policy was issued, many refrigeration enterprises in Hunan ushered in retaliatory growth. Nearly 10000 cold storages and cold storage doors were added in Hunan, and 1billion cold storage business opportunities broke out. Lixi refrigeration took this opportunity to open a new Xintiandi in the Hunan market.



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"Compressor of international quality"

At present, the technical process, model design and product parameters of many domestic compressor enterprises refer to international brands. However, it is found that compared with the international advanced level, some enterprises still have a certain gap in noise and efficiency. The wear resistance is not high enough, the precision of the parts is not good enough, and the exhaust volume and energy efficiency ratio cannot reach the marked value.

Lixi refrigeration chengruo, Lixi compressor has reached the international level. It is understood that Lixi has obtained the certificate of Hefei General mechanical and electrical products testing and Research Institute Co., Ltd. the evaluation shows that the cooling capacity, performance coefficient, evaporation temperature and exhaust capacity of Lixi compression mechanism are all qualified.

General manager Zhao introduced, "A customer in Hebei found that a 50 piece semi closed piston compressor is enough for a cold storage, while some compressors need 60p or 80p. Because the cooling capacity is not up to standard, the cooling capacity of Lixi compressor is 30% higher than that of these products. The customer in Shandong pointed out that Lixi compressor was decisive and fast when it hit a low temperature of minus 35 degrees. The data showed that it was a straight line. Previously, they purchased compressors of other brands and hit minus 15 degrees After that, although the compressor is still running, the temperature can slowly decline again after stopping here for one or two hours. The refrigeration capacity is not up to standard, and energy is wasted. "


In addition, Lixi's compressor is unique in both service life and wear resistance. According to Mr. Zhao,


"Luxi compressors have been used for three years, but there is only ash and no oil on them. Some compressors have been used for one year, and the attenuation is very fast. Our customers have reported that Luxi compressors have been used for 10 years, and the effect is still very stable.


High quality has created a good reputation, making Lixi reach a new high in production and sales in 2021, with an increase of 30%. The products are welcomed by international customers in Northwest China, Hunan, Shandong, Hebei and Southeast Asia.



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"High precision compressor"


In Mr. Zhao's opinion, Lixi compressor is comparable to the international, with high energy efficiency and long service life. It has been certified by Hefei General Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. and highly praised by customers, mainly due to Lixi's strict pursuit of precision.
It is understood that Lixi compressor uses the world's most advanced horizontal machining center and vertical machining center for the production of aircraft engines, and has three coordinate measuring instruments; CNC lathe, milling, plutonium and drilling machine tools; A batch of advanced equipment such as compressor and unit full performance testing center. According to Mr. zhaotongsheng, "the processing accuracy of the compressor determines the product quality, and the processing accuracy depends on the processing equipment."
Advanced equipment ensures accuracy, exhaust capacity and efficiency, reduces noise, and extends service life. In the selection of accessories and raw materials, Lixi is more cautious. Lixi invites the world's top engineers to guide the compressor manufacturing on site, strictly control each link, and pursue high quality with precision and meticulous work.
"The parts and components of Lixi compressor are provided by well-known domestic brands, such as crankshaft. Lixi ensures that its material is heat treated above qt800, so it is not easy to break the connecting rod; another example is the valve plate. After being ground by a surface grinder, Lixi also entrusts a Taiwan enterprise to carry out 'Laping' treatment to ensure that there is no cross gas phenomenon; there are also sealing gaskets. The confidential sealing gaskets of Lixi piston are all steel gaskets, so as to ensure that the compressor is oil-free. Lixi advocates precision work and production The product is strictly controlled in every link of production. Even the paint is provided by large suppliers. The secondary paint spraying and secondary high-temperature drying are adopted to ensure that the compressor does not drop paint and has a perfect appearance. " Mr. Zhao introduced that the purchasing cost of a casting and a piston ring of Lixi is higher than that of many peers. The bottom line of your price is to ensure product quality.
Accessories and equipment are the basis of quality compressor, and superior technology is the core of the development of Lixi compressor. Lixi demands itself with the most advanced standards in Europe and Japan, and combines the most advanced technology and design at present. For example, the high-performance friction sliding bearing design of Lixi compressor can ensure smooth operation; Special linear cylindrical piston and ion surface desalination crankshaft ensure the high performance and service life of cold parts; In the design of the valve plate, the highest refrigerating capacity and the lowest energy consumption are ensured; The compressor is equipped with a unique air flow channel balancing device, which has the dual function of balancing the internal air pressure and oil separation of the body, so as to ensure the minimum oil discharge during the start-up and operation of the compressor.
"No one has put forward such high requirements for us, but we must be responsible for ourselves and our customers. To develop Lixi, we must go beyond our peers and inherent ideas." Zhaotongsheng, chairman of the board of directors, told the reporter firmly that over the past decade, Lixi has taken a very difficult and lonely road. It is good that the market and customers are gradually giving Lixi good feedback.