40tons borneol machine

September 19, 2022
Latest company case about 40tons borneol machine


A, quotation
The name of the model unit The number of Ice production (kg/24 hours) The unit price (USD) Total price (USD)
Borneol machine ICE-40T Taiwan 1 40000 74380



The cooling tower LCT-200T Set of 1 200 include
Cooling water pump HL150-20 Taiwan 1 20HP include
Total amount (in words) $ 74380
Product requirements

1. Evaporator material: liner (ice) : Q235 carbon steel Nano plated car treatment;Ice blade, spindle, water baffle and outer layer: 304 stainless steel;Intermediate insulation layer: polyurethane foam;

2 water cooling configuration: fresh water cooling, fresh water ice;

3. Refrigeration unit selection of Taiwan Hanzhong compressor, economic benefits, energy efficiency ratio;

4 voltage: 3 phase 380-415V 50-60Hz voltage;R22/R404A refrigerant;

Two, with accessories
1, water cooling device: with a cooling tower & cooling water pump;
2, ice machine auxiliary accessories: 1 ice shovel, 1 salt water bucket, 2 water inlet pipe;
3, manual, certificate, delivery list;
3. Business terms
1. The above price includes 13% value-added tax;Including domestic transportation and packing charges;
2. Terms of payment: 30% of the total amount of the contract shall be paid in advance after the contract is confirmed, and the balance shall be paid in a lump sum before delivery;
3. Warranty period: free warranty for 12 months from the date of sale of the ice machine;
4, delivery period: within 40 working days after the deposit;


IV、Configuration details

The serial number The name of the brand Country of origin note The number of
one Ice part
1 The evaporator Ice stars shenzhen Q235 carbon steel Nano plated 1
2 reducer machine Taiwan   1
3 Circulating water pump Macro sword Guangzhou   1
4 infrared rico Taiwan   2
5 Water level protection switch Method, Taiwan   1
6 Floating ball valve Ke yu chongqing   1
7 The water tank Ice stars shenzhen 304 stainless steel 1
8 Ice skates Ice stars shenzhen 304 stainless steel, one molding 2
9 bearing NTN Japan   5
10 Salt water pump Al way, Germany electronic 1
two Refrigeration system
Main Road refrigeration accessories The compressor Han zhong Taiwan Screw compressor 1
Shell and tube condenser notice jiangsu Horizontal shell tube;Water cooled 1
Feed expansion valve danfoss The Danish   6
Liquid pipe dryer filter Method, tianjin   1
Battery valve danfoss The Danish   1
Ball valve (main liquid line) Three veterans Taiwan   1
Gas-liquid separator Method, tianjin   1
Suction filter Method, tianjin   1
Oil cooling system Oil cooler notice jiangsu   1
The oil filter Method, tianjin   1
Depending on the liquid lens danfoss The Danish   1
Oil ball valve Three veterans Taiwan   3
  Tailjet expansion valve Han zhong Taiwan   1
Stern spray ball valve Three veterans Taiwan   1
economizer Economizer (board change) Method, tianjin   1
Economizer expansion valve danfoss The Danish   1
Ball valve Method, tianjin   1

Oil content


Secondary oil separator Method, tianjin   1
The oil filter Method, tianjin   1
Oil ball valve Three veterans Taiwan   1

To protect the


High and low pressure oil gauges Wei family changzhou   2/1
High and low pressure control protectors danfoss The Danish   2
Exhaust temperature controller danfoss The Danish   1
Oil differential pressure controller Han zhong Taiwan Bring their own 1
waterway Cooling water tower & pump Ice stars shenzhen   1
three Electric control system
1 Electric cabinet Ice stars shenzhen   1
2 PLC programming controller One hundred million d shenzhen   1
3 Ac contactor LS South Korea   5
4 Thermal relay LS South Korea   5
5 Phase sequence protector LS South Korea   1
6 The power supply LS South Korea   1
7 Air switch LS South Korea   1
8 Human-machine interface (touch screen) One hundred million d shenzhen   1

Five, technical parameters:

1 To produce ice 40,000 kg/day
2 Ice slicer weight 3800 kg
3 Ice flake machine size 4000*2200*2650mm
Cooling Tower Dimensions ø 3100*2850mm (after installation)
4 Pieces of ice thickness 1.8 2.5 mm
5 refrigerant R22/R404A
6 Necessary cooling capacity 245 kw
7 Sheet ice machine form Multi-edge spiral ice blade rotary cut ice type ice making
8 Evaporator material Q235 carbon steel Nano plated treatment
9 Evaporation temperature - 20 ℃
10 Condensation temperature + 40 ℃
11 Standard inlet water temperature + 16 ℃
12 Standard ambient temperature + 20 ℃
13 Supply pressure 0.1 MP 0.6 MP
14 Total installed power 160.9 KW
15 Cooling tower water pump power 15KW
16 Cooling tower flow 156.2 m after/h
17 Salt pump power 0.016 KW
18 Standard voltage 3 phase /380V (50Hz))
19 Pieces of ice temperature - 5 ~ 8 ℃
20 Cooling method and ice making water source Clean fresh water
21 The pipe size 1/2"
22 Cooling tower fan power 4KW
four Major Equipment Configuration The main parameters
1 reducer model latest company case about 40tons borneol machine  0 TKVWEQ135
In the form of Worm gear and worm
power 2.2 kw
manufacturer Taiwan machine
The characteristics of Imported brand, safe and reliable, superior performance
2 The water pump model latest company case about 40tons borneol machine  1 PA-1/2
power 1.5 KW
manufacturer China's macro sword
The characteristics of Super corrosion resistant material, imported motor, long life
3 Compressor (Hanzhong screw) model latest company case about 40tons borneol machine  2 RC2-550B-Z.
power 138.7 KW
manufacturer Taiwan han zhong
The characteristics of Screw type, low noise, economical, high speed, light weight, small volume, small footprint and low exhaust pulsation, small vibration
20 System specifications Spiral groove structure ice bucket, uniform liquid supply, safe and reliable
21 Control instructions PLC programmable controller, stable performance, automatic control
22 Equipment reliability
  Equipment service life (years) 10 to 15 years
Trouble-free running time for new equipment (h) 17000 hours
First overhaul time (h) 28000 hours
Operational reliability (H) 35000 hours
23 Equipment environmental comfort
  Noise, noise 60 decibels or less
vibration Cutting ice light and slow, so the ice bucket parts without vibration;Compressor with shock absorption foot, so refrigeration parts without vibration
24 Compared with similar equipment features and advantages

1. High cost performance, stable quality;

2. One of the evaporator one-stop production line manufacturers in China;

3. The evaporation area is large, the process is strict, and the output in summer condition is also up to standard;

4. A few domestic manufacturers with large annealing process and equipment;

5. Product automatic control, easy to operate;

6. Perfect protection device, more safe and stable operation;

7. Perfect after-sales service team, thoughtful service system.


6. Basic installation requirements

(1) Power supply requirements three-phase 380V, 50HZ;Three-phase five-wire system;

(2) the installation position is required to be in a place with good ventilation, avoid humidity, away from heat dissipation equipment and avoid direct sunlight, and the ambient temperature of 5℃ to 35℃ is the best operating temperature of the unit;

(3) the ground of the unit must be level, and the drainage system is perfect;

(4) users are required to provide water for the ice machine (in order to make the reliable and safe operation of the unit, it is necessary to control the water pressure in the range of 0.1mpa ~ 0.6mpa);


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