Introduction to 06D / 06e / 06cc carrier piston compressor -- carrier agent kubao

November 15, 2021

Carrier compressor is a well-known compressor brand in the world. It has a manufacturing base in Baoshan, Shanghai. Carrier is widely used in low-temperature equipment such as air conditioning, makeup pump and experimental box. There is also a brand called Carlyle Carlyle. There are three main series of classic carrier piston machines, namely 06D / 06e / 06cc. Let's take a look at their differences. Carrier semi closed compressor features: energy saving design: 1. Cylinder 4 and cylinder 6 design; 2. Optimized suction cut-off energy regulation system; 3. New tight valve plate, valve seat, valve disc system, low lift valve disc, high flow system design; 4. 06cc bipolar compressor is considered by the industry as an effective energy-saving refrigeration compressor with high reliability design: 1. High flow carrier patented oil pump design; 2 Large crankcase and oil storage tank design 3. Heavy duty motor design 4. Large suction channel design 5. High reliability piston connecting rod and valve plate design environmental protection design 1. Reliable application in refrigerants R22 and R404A 2. For the design details of special valve plate and lubrication system for POE oil application, please consult 15001781293 Hu Gong (tongwechat) Shanghai kubao refrigeration equipment Co., Ltd. which is a refrigeration equipment It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating product development and technical service. Kubao company also has a subsidiary, Shanghai Baoku refrigeration equipment Co., Ltd., which acts as an agent for the sales of carrier compressors and condato cooling fans in Italy. Based on the tenet of "quality first, reputation first", the company wholeheartedly provides users with high-quality products and excellent services, and cooperates with the majority of users to create a brilliant tomorrow of the refrigeration industry. Maikaili, identify Shanghai treasure house refrigeration and deliver goods nationwide. For more information, please consult 15001781293 Hu Gong (with wechat) Shanghai treasure (treasure house) Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd


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