Air source heat pump heating is used in 30000 Ping Community in Tangshan

November 30, 2021

A 30000 ㎡ residential area in Tangshan, Hebei provides heating services by replacing the original boiler heating with air source heat pump, which has been widely praised by residential users.
The characteristics of low-temperature climate in Tangshan area and the large-scale heating demand of the community require the equipment itself to have the ability to resist low temperature and efficient energy-saving ability. The 60p ultra-low temperature cooling and heating unit installed this time adopts the unique 9 all working condition air jet enthalpy increasing technology to comprehensively improve the operation capacity of the unit during refrigeration and heating, which can easily cope with refrigeration and heating in extreme environments. The energy efficiency of the unit is 20% higher than that of ordinary units, and the operation is more stable and heating capacity is stronger at - 35 ° C.



Air source heat pump heating has the characteristics of low carbon, energy saving and high efficiency. It belongs to the clean heating mode stipulated by the state, which can help to achieve the dual carbon goal as soon as possible.