200m3 2℃~8℃ Fresh-keeping cold storage for vegetables and fruits

April 8, 2021

Usually in China’s vegetable production areas, such as the Bohai Sea in Shandong, Zhanjiang in Guangdong, Yuanmou in Yunnan, Northern Jiangsu, and the Hexi Corridor in the northwest, more and more fruit and melon farmers choose to use their idle farm houses to build a fresh-keeping cold storage for Temporary storage of picked agricultural products is much more cost-effective than renting a cold storage in the long run, especially for large and medium-sized farm cooperatives, where local governments often give large financial subsidies and support.

Many customers from Yunnan have asked about water-cooled units similar to those used in cold storage, usually 200 cubic meters of fresh-keeping cold storage is the majority. Since the products are picked from the farm orchard, the storage volume is usually large and the storage temperature is also high. We recommend a set of 10 Comparing the two sets of semi-sealed horses or two sets of full-sealed units of 5Hp, the 10Hp semi-sealed water-cooled units have more price advantages, and the 2 sets of full-sealed 5Hp have more stable and reliable advantages.

The picture above is a batch of 10 HP Bitzer water-cooled units sent to Yunnan. The units are equipped with new original Bitzer compressors, shock-absorbing tubes, shell-and-tube water condensers, driers, solenoid valves, etc., and the sight glass can be used. Optional. It is recommended to install a gas-liquid separator to prevent the system from generating liquid back and causing damage to the compressor!

When building medium and large cold storages in southern China, terminal customers tend to choose water-cooled units. Compared with air-cooling, water-cooling has many advantages: good cooling effect, fast cooling, energy saving and energy saving, using the same compressor Under the circumstances, the water-cooled unit produces more cooling capacity than the air-cooled unit, etc., especially when the ambient temperature is high, this advantage is even more obvious!


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