Why is the electronic expansion valve growing so fast in the cold storage market?

February 14, 2022

    Refrigeration and refrigeration is a diversified application scenario. Thermal expansion valves and electronic expansion valves are not only used in various cold storages, but also widely used in light business fields such as commercial and supermarket freezers and commercial refrigerators. Danfoss pointed out: "In refrigeration and refrigeration applications, Danfoss thermal expansion valves will increase by more than 30% in 2021, and electronic expansion valves will increase by 100%."

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    Sanhua's achievements are also very impressive. "Thanks to the overall growth of the cold storage industry, Sanhua's thermal expansion valve and electronic expansion valve will grow well in 2021. Domestic sales of RFKH series will increase by 60% year-on-year, and overseas sales will increase by 150% year-on-year. LPF Electronics The domestic expansion valve has increased by 140% year-on-year, and overseas has increased several times. This is the natural choice of the market after the Sanhua brand influence has accumulated to a certain extent in the field of refrigeration and refrigeration. As we all know, the expansion valve is the most sensitive valve. One of the parts, and the most test of the brand's influence."

    It is also worth paying attention to Dunan Environment. In 2021, Dunan's thermal expansion valves and electronic expansion valves have increased significantly compared with previous years. Among them, thermal expansion valves have increased by 155% and electronic expansion valves have increased by 76%, both hitting record highs.
In some subdivided applications such as low-temperature cold storage, supermarket retail industry, and medium and large-scale cold storage, the demand for electronic expansion valves is increasing year by year.


    1. Pay attention to the operating cost of cold storage.
Danfoss analysis pointed out, "These changes also reflect that more and more customers are not only concerned about initial investment, but also pay more attention to operating costs. In the case of variable operating conditions, such as logistics companies and owners, goods enter and exit. During the process, the cooling capacity of the entire cold storage varies greatly. At this time, the electronic expansion valve can not only cool the temperature more quickly, but also ensure the quality of the goods in the storage more stably after cooling. For chain supermarket enterprises and large logistics enterprises. In the medium and large-scale cold storage market, these advantages can help users better optimize operating costs and achieve cost reduction and efficiency improvement."

    2. Focus on precise control and digital management of cold storage.
The advantages of electronic expansion valve lie in precise control and digital management of cold storage owners. Dunan emphasized: "Electronic expansion valve has accumulated certain experience in the field of refrigeration and refrigeration, but electronic expansion valve, whether it is system design or installation and debugging, has certain difficulty and complexity compared with thermal expansion valve, so at present, large-scale cold storages are mostly used. Electronic expansion valves, while small and medium-sized cold storages are still dominated by thermal expansion valves.”

    3. Pay attention to energy saving in cold storage.
Sanhua also pointed out: "The advantages of electronic expansion valves lie in medium and large-scale cold storages, quick-freezing warehouses and cold storages that have an urgent need for energy-saving renovations. Medium and large-scale cold storages have relatively high requirements for centralized monitoring, and the electronic control scheme has natural advantages, while quick-freezing warehouses have relatively high requirements. The warehouse has requirements for the cooling speed, and the electronic expansion valve already has an absolute advantage. However, in a large number of small cold storage systems, it is still cost-oriented, and the centralized control requirements are not high, so the thermal expansion valve is a more suitable choice.”

    On the whole, electronic expansion valve is an intelligent control product, which has obvious advantages compared with simple mechanical thermal expansion valve. In the future, refrigeration products will become more and more intelligent, humanized and efficient. Coupled with the rapid development of new things such as the development of the Internet of Things, remote control, and precise sensing, this is an inevitable trend brought about by changes in people's lifestyles.