Introduction of low temperature seed preservation cold storage

October 11, 2021

Low temperature seed preservation cold storage is obviously used to reduce the temperature by using the refrigeration principle to store food and plant seeds. Seed storage is to provide a reliable material basis for agricultural production, improve seed sowing quality, and the use of moisture-proof and gas-proof seed cold storage has significant economic benefits for seed storage.latest company news about Introduction of low temperature seed preservation cold storage  0

Types, characteristics and uses of low temperature seed cold storage:
Composition of seed cold storage: refrigeration equipment, evaporator in the storage, heat preservation warehouse and microcomputer temperature control system. The refrigeration system mainly includes various refrigeration compressor units. The refrigeration compressor is the heart of the cold storage to ensure the seed temperature in the warehouse. Microcomputer temperature control system is the brain of the cold storage. It controls the operation of the refrigeration system and the temperature in the cold storage.
The role of the evaporator in the warehouse is to provide cooling capacity to the cold storage. The evaporator is installed in the cold storage according to the. The blower is used to blow the cooled air to all parts of the warehouse. The air duct of large cold storage is commonly connected with the evaporator to extend the air supply distance and make the temperature drop more uniform.



The thermal insulation warehouse is a warehouse with certain thermal insulation performance and a place for storing seeds. It is to maintain the stability of indoor thermal insulation performance and temperature. The good thermal insulation structure of the thermal insulation warehouse can limit the leakage of cooling capacity produced by refrigeration equipment outside the warehouse, that is, to minimize the invasion of heat outside the warehouse into the warehouse, which is also the difference between the seed cold warehouse and ordinary houses.



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