Installation, detection and debugging of cold storage body

August 14, 2023

First, the cold storage installation specification

Enter the construction site, verify the construction situation according to the construction drawing, and determine the installation location of equipment (warehouse, drain door, evaporator, main engine, condenser, control system, etc.).


Floor installation

1. Level the floor first, then install the floor according to the requirements, select beautiful floor and put it in a conspicuous place, and do a good job in the drainage system of the floor and evaporator.


2. The quality requires that the floor should be installed smoothly, and the uneven place should be leveled with materials, and the locking hook between the boards should be locked, so that the surface of the library is smooth and free from hollowness. (Note that the drainage system needs heat preservation if the warehouse is installed outdoors in the north).


Vertical plate installation

1. Work content: Select a corner according to the site conditions, and position it (that is, lock the riser and the floor) to extend to both sides at this angle. Only lock the riser and the riser, and position it when it meets the vertical angle. Put the beautiful board in a conspicuous place. When installing it on the evaporator side, do a good job of the drainage pipe in advance, and make a U-bend and silica gel outside the warehouse.


2, The quality requirements of riser conspicuous surface level off, the library board without concave points, riser head level, riser and riser gap between uniform, conspicuous vertical Angle flush with the floor Angle.


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Roof plate installation


1. Work content: firstly, select a positioning top corner plate and extend it, and lock it between the top plate and the top plate. When installing, it is obvious that a top plate and a vertical plate are flat and locked to prevent them from moving.


2. Beautiful ceiling boards shall be selected in conspicuous places of quality requirements. The joints between the ceiling and the riser shall be flush, with small gaps, and the ceiling boards in the warehouse shall be flat.


3. After the ceiling, floor and vertical boards are generally installed, the ceiling and vertical boards, vertical boards and floor boards are corrected to be flush and locked, and all hooks are locked.


4. When the library board needs to be flared, the flared part should be polished without burr. When the library board needs to be chamfered, silica gel should be used, and then chamfered aluminum should be used to ensure the tightness.


5. After the installation of the library body, silica gel should be laid in time, and the silica gel seam should be smooth and smooth. It is best to lay silica gel at the end of the day to prevent it from being damaged.


Second, the evaporator installation specification


1. Installation content: firstly, open the lifting screw hole, and open the copper pipe and wire hole. The second hole should be trimmed to prevent the quick opening from leaving hidden dangers. The back of the evaporator with self-made drainage pipe is positioned 300MM from the vertical plate, and the drainage hole of the evaporator is vertical to the drainage hole pre-installed in the vertical plate, with a height difference of 250MM. In this case, in the freezer, the drainage heating wire is worn in the drainage pipe, and the heating part of the drainage heating wire can only reach 50 mm in the library plate, and the drainage pipe is externally insulated.


2. During hoisting, pay attention to that the evaporator air inlet can't face the warehouse door, the evaporator should be hung at the longest end of the cold storage, and the evaporator air outlet should not face the door.


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3. Installation specifications for the main engine of cold storage unit The closer the main engine is to the evaporator, the better, and it is easy to maintain and has good heat dissipation. If it moves out, it is necessary to install a canopy, and the four corners of the main engine need to be placed with shockproof gaskets, which are firm in installation level and not easy to be touched by people.


4. Installation of the condenser The closer the condenser is to the main engine, the better. It is better to be on the upper side of the main engine. The installation position of the condenser has the best heat dissipation environment. The suction port cannot face the air outlet of other equipment, especially oily gas. The air outlet cannot be short-circuited and face other windows and equipment. It should be 2M high from the ground and the installation level is firm.


5, copper tube discharge All copper tubes need to wear insulation pipes and air conditioning cable ties together with wires in the same direction. Try to take straight pipe samples and fix them in sections. The insulation pipes and insulation pipe joints are sealed with electrical tape. 2.3 Wire Discharge All wires shall be tied with air conditioning cable ties, and protected by corrugated hoses or trunking. The temperature display wires shall not be arranged together with wires as far as possible.


Third, the refrigeration system connection


Because the condenser and evaporator of the main engine have been pressed and sealed in the factory, there should be pressure when unsealing, and whether there is leakage can be checked. There should be dust sealing measures at both ends of the factory copper pipe, and attention should be paid to sealing at any time during construction to prevent dust from entering the pipe.


1, according to the performance of each electrical appliance configuration wire, wire diameter meets the requirements, the joint is firm, need to protect the tube can't save, electricity is correct. When the conductor enters the junction box hole of the evaporator, it needs to be sealed with silica gel. If the lamp is connected with more than 36V, it needs to be grounded. The power supply in the main electric cabinet needs three-phase five-wire system and reliable grounding.


2. The temperature controller is fixed on the ceiling, and the probe and the temperature display probe pass through the air return port of the evaporator in the warehouse and are suspended. The defrosting temperature controller is also fixed on the ceiling, and the probe is perforated in the air return port of the evaporator in the warehouse, and the probe is inserted into the fin (not close to the electric heating tube).


3. If the ceiling is inaccessible, the temperature control and defrosting temperature control shall be fixed at the back corner of the evaporator in the warehouse, and all the wiring joints shall be sealed. Other things are the same as above.


4, Balance hole (pressure equalizing valve), don't install in a conspicuous place and outlet riser, height for riser down 200MM hole.


Four, cold storage equipment debugging specification


1. Use nitrogen to check the leakage of the system. If there is no problem for 12h, vacuum can be applied. Check whether all wiring cables are correct and meet the requirements, and check whether the power supply is up to standard.


2. After all parts of the refrigeration system of the power-on commissioning refrigeration system operate normally, start the machine to replenish Freon until the liquid is full. At this time, adjust the temperature control setting value, observe the low pressure value when the temperature reaches the termination temperature, check whether the high and low pressure can be protected, and adjust the protection value of the thermal relay to 2.5 times of the normal starting current. It is also necessary to manually test its performance.


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3. Power on the defrosting timer of the defrosting system, adjust the frequency to 4-6 times a day, defrost for 10-60 min, and set the defrosting end temperature at+20℃ for 25min each time. Check whether the electric heating wire works normally and whether the drainage electric heating wire generates heat normally during defrosting. WeChat official account, the encyclopedia of refrigeration, suggests that the defrosting time is for reference only, and the defrosting time and end temperature should be set according to the temperature of the cold storage system and other comprehensive conditions in practical application.


4. If the horizontal distance between the radiator and the main engine or the main engine and the evaporator is more than 10M and the height is more than 5M, the refrigerating oil can be supplemented appropriately.


5. After all kinds of data have been set and debugged, reset the startup and shutdown for 3 times to check whether the components can work normally. At this time, please ask the customer to check and accept.


6. After the above work, clean up the sanitation inside and outside the warehouse, and ask the customer to check and accept the whole cold storage, sign for confirmation and hand it over.


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