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March 7, 2022
Latest company news about Green Refrigeration

      From household refrigerators and air conditioners to large industrial refrigerators, refrigeration technology is used in all aspects of production and life. How to make it more green and environmentally friendly? The reporter learned from the Institute of Solid State Physics, Hefei Institute of Physical Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences that Tong Peng, Lin Jianchao, Lu Wenjian, Wang Xianlong and other researchers found that n-alkanes (the main chemical components of paraffin) pass through liquid and solid states under a certain pressure. The phase change can realize the cooling effect, which opens up new ideas for the development of green and environmentally friendly new refrigeration technology.


      Existing refrigeration equipment mainly adopts gas compression cycle technology to achieve refrigeration effect through refrigerant, and the energy consumption is relatively high. Solid state and liquid state are two common forms of matter, and they are accompanied by thermal responses in the process of mutual transformation, such as dripping water into ice, and ice turning into water to release heat and absorb heat from the surrounding environment. Experts believe that if a material can be found that can induce its solid and liquid state to change with each other by applying pressure, thereby producing a thermal response, then in addition to traditional refrigerants, there will be a new refrigeration technology. Scientific researchers refer to this pressure-induced phase-change refrigeration effect, which is an order of magnitude larger than many solid-state phase-change refrigeration materials, as the Pombar-Pressure effect.


     This time, the research team of the Institute of Solid State Physics discovered the low-pressure-driven Pompressant effect in n-alkanes. According to reports, n-alkanes have low cost, stable physical and chemical properties, no harmful emissions during the phase change process, and are convenient for the miniaturization of refrigeration equipment, and have broad application prospects in the field of refrigeration.


     At present, relevant research results have been published in the international authoritative journal Nature Communications.


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