Enshi, Hubei built 126 cold storage facilities

January 4, 2022

Recently, the acceptance team of the Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Enshi City came to the Youkai Planting Professional Cooperative of Enshi City, Qianshan Village, Grand Canyon Scenic Area Management Office, to inspect and accept the construction of cold storage and preservation facilities.
In 2021, Enshi City, in 2021 the construction of cold storage and preservation facilities for agricultural products in Hubei Province, the whole county promotes the pilot county project, and the project subsidy fund is 20 million yuan. The city focuses on the five characteristic leading industries of tea, potatoes, vegetables, Chinese medicinal materials, and fruits, and focuses on solving the problem of the "first kilometer" of the production area of fresh agricultural products and the storage and sales "bottleneck" problems arising from the construction of the entire industrial chain. Driven by the project 126 facilities were built, which netted an increase of 170,000 tons of agricultural products for the main body of the agricultural market in Enshi City.

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In the early stage of the project, the staff implements the policy of “build first, first make up first”. At the same time, the Enshi Municipal Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau continued to improve the supporting policies for the linkage projects, implemented the cold chain special loan and the facility agricultural electricity policy, and implemented a loan of 7.9 million yuan for 17 entities. Up to now, the number of acceptance subjects for all projects has exceeded half, and the remaining subjects are stepping up their acceptance.