A short story between me and a Spanish customer-KUB

April 8, 2021

A short story between me and a Spanish customer-KUB

Trust is to believe and dare to trust. The meaning of trust is to be happy together. Trust is a feeling of life, it is also a noble emotion, and it is also a bond between people.


Thanks to Mr. Joe for his affirmation and trust in Kubao! Thank you also for the trust of our Spanish customer. In fact, we have never met. We completed this cooperation through the Internet (what a great Internet). This customer from Spain also met through someone else (Mr. Joe). KUB, and call me, they need KUB to help repair a chiller imported from Spain. Due to the long logistics and some short stories on the road, the reservoir tube of this equipment broke. Our preliminary judgment is that this is just a simple task. Later, when the engineer looked at the site, he realized that the plate heat exchanger was also damaged and fractured. It was necessary to increase the work of debugging the machine, vacuuming, and adding refrigerant!


In fact, we (KUB) are not a maintenance company, we only do some after-sales treatment for the products we produce and sell. So when a foreigner communicated with me at the beginning, I told him that we are selling equipment, not repairing equipment. But under his repeated request, I had no choice but to agree. At that time, I felt that actually helping others solve related problems is also meaningful. You just need it, I'm just professional, so let's help you solve it~ That's the mentality to take over this job!


After the repair, the customer sent us such a comment. He praised our professionalism and looked forward to the next cooperation (this time he bought the equipment), making all of us feel that the effort is really worth it!

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We need trust, which is determined by the value of life that we seek to be recognized and respected. At least on the level of our consciousness, we need trust to make ourselves happy.