Workshop (food warehouse, biomedicine, etc.) cooling glycol ceiling air cooler

May 12, 2021

Workshop (food warehouse, biomedicine, etc.) cooling glycol ceiling air cooler


In summer, many factories and workshops will do some cooling treatment. There are two ways to cool the factory: natural cooling and equipment cooling.

Natural methods include spraying water on the workshop floor and opening windows for ventilation. At present, some enterprise workshops directly purchase large ice cubes to achieve the purpose of cooling the plant. Such methods have limited cooling capacity and can be used for short-term or small-scale cooling. So what are the more workshop cooling methods used?

Plan 1 negative pressure fan is a cooling principle that uses air convection and negative pressure ventilation. Fresh air is naturally sucked in from the opposite of the installation site --- the door or window, and the indoor sultry air is quickly forced out of the outdoor. Any poor ventilation The machine that can alleviate the problem can achieve a 90%-97% cooling and ventilation effect. Cooling water curtain The core of the water curtain cooling process is completed in the temperature curtain paper. There is a thin layer of water film on the surface of the corrugated fiber paper. When the hot dry air outside is sucked through the wet curtain paper by the fan, the water in the water film will absorb the heat in the air and evaporate, taking away a lot of latent heat. The temperature of the air passing through the wet curtain paper is lowered, and the cool and humid air after such treatment enters the room. After being mixed with indoor hot air, it is exhausted to the outdoors through a fan. At the same time, in the cooling process, the dust and exhaust gas in the outdoor air are removed, and the oxygen content of the intake air is increased, so that the indoor air is fresher and the air quality in the working environment is better. Scope of application A. It is suitable for workshops with high temperature or peculiar smell: such as heat treatment plant, casting plant, plastic plant, aluminum profile plant, shoe factory, leather factory, electroplating plant, and various chemical plants. B. Suitable for labor-intensive enterprises: such as garment factories, various assembly workshops, and Internet cafes. C. It is suitable for the roof of steel structure factory building and used as roof fan.

Solution 2 Water-cooled air conditioner is also a solution chosen by many customers. It has low investment and high efficiency. It is a new generation of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly air-conditioning equipment that integrates ventilation, cooling, air exchange, dust filtering, and increasing fresh air oxygen content. The power consumption is only one degree. The temperature can reach 4℃-10℃. The picture below is a water-cooled air-conditioning project done by a company in Guangzhou in Fujian, using the Shanghai Cooper ceiling-type double-side air outlet air cooler.

The appearance is made of magnesium-aluminum alloy sheet metal, which has a non-rusting surface effect, which is very suitable for use in rust-proof places such as food workshops and medical warehouses. At the same time, the air cooler adopts an external rotor fan with low noise and uniform air output on both sides, which has a small impact on the personnel in the workshop, and multiple devices can be evenly distributed in a large workshop. The drawing parameters of the equipment are as follows:

In addition, the evaporator can use the Freon system, and an expansion valve is added for throttling. The model and parameters of the ceiling evaporator for the Freon system can refer to the following selection:

The temperature can cover the high and middle temperature, and the middle temperature can be added with defrosting function, which can be used as the evaporator in the fresh-keeping warehouse. Beautiful and compact structure, saving space.

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