What is the difference between R507 and R404a refrigerants?

November 8, 2023

1. Like R404a, R507 can replace R502 as an environmentally friendly refrigerant, but it can usually reach a lower temperature than R404a, and it is suitable for new commercial refrigeration equipment (supermarket freezer, cold storage, display cabinets, transportation), ice-making equipment, transportation refrigeration equipment, marine refrigeration equipment or newer equipment with medium and low temperature, and is suitable for all environments where R502 can operate normally.


2. The data on the pressure thermometers of R404a and R507 show that the pressure between them is almost the same. If you pay attention to the system accessories used at ordinary times, you will find that the instructions on the thermal expansion valve are shared by R404a and R507.


3. R404A is a non-azeotropic mixture, which is filled in liquid state, while R507 is an azeotropic mixture. R134a in R404a increases the mass transfer resistance and decreases the thermal coefficient of the communication chamber, while the heat transfer coefficient of R507 is higher than R404a.


4. Judging from the use results of current manufacturers, the effect of R507 is indeed faster than that of R404a. In addition, the performances of R404a and R507 are similar. The compressor power consumption of R404a is 2.86% higher than that of R507, the exhaust temperature of low-pressure compressor is 0.58% higher than that of R507, the exhaust temperature of high-pressure compressor is 2.65% higher than that of R507, the COP is 0.01 higher than that of R507 and the intermediate temperature is 6.14% lower than that of R507.


5. R507 is an azeotropic refrigerant, and its sliding temperature is lower than R404a. After many times of leakage-filling, the composition change of R507 is smaller than that of R404a, and the volumetric refrigeration capacity of R507 is basically unchanged, while that of R404a is reduced by about 1.6%.


6. With the same compressor, the refrigeration capacity of R507 is 7%-13% higher than R22, and that of R404a is 4%-10% higher than R22.


7. The heat transfer performance of R507 is better than that of R404a, whether it contains lubricating oil or not.


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