Create a warm and comfortable space on campus

March 2, 2022

The campus is a forest farm for cultivating the pillars of the motherland and a garden for cultivating national flowers. The living and learning environment of the campus is of great significance to the growth of students. In winter, ensuring heating has become an important task to protect the health of students.


Wenfeng School is located in Huangshan, Anhui Province. Since most parts of Anhui Province have not yet implemented central heating, in the past, local children had to endure the cold environment during class in winter, which posed a certain threat to students’ learning efficiency and physical health. .

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In order to improve the learning and living environment of students and maintain the healthy growth of children, the school decided to upgrade the school heating system. Due to the particularity of school heating and the large heating area, reaching 40,000 square meters, there are high requirements for heating equipment and services. The school has done a lot of comparisons. In the end, Zhongguang Autos, which has made many classic cases in the campus field, was chosen as the heating equipment and service provider.

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This system is also capable of cooling the task in summer.

Up to now, the system has been running smoothly for two years, and the heating and cooling effects have been quite satisfactory during the two years. It has effectively improved the working and learning environment of teachers and students in the school, and has been widely praised by teachers and students.


A leader in comfortable life, he has been deeply cultivating the campus cleaning and heating market for many years, continuously improving his technical level and professional ability, and will create a healthier and warmer campus environment for the majority of students in the future.