Cold storage disturbs people, new problems of noise pollution

December 29, 2021

At 10:42 in the evening, the annoying buzzing sounded again. "Also let people not sleep!" Mr. Sui, who lives in Unit 1, Building 833, Xinhui District, Jinzhou District, sat up from the bed with a depressed expression on his face. After 15 minutes, the buzzing sound disappeared. But Mr. Sui still couldn't sleep well-after the longest one hour and the shortest half an hour, the noise will still harass the residents of Building 833.
The noise comes from the garage on the first floor of Building No. 833. This 30-square-meter garage was rented out and converted into a cold storage. The refrigeration compressor on the outer wall of the cold storage will periodically emit low-frequency noise. The reporter learned during the interview that this kind of "garage to cold storage" operation is not an isolated case, and it is not easy for residents to get rid of noise due to the difficulty of determining the number of noise decibels and the lack of law enforcement rights in the property.
"buzzing" makes people crash

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In Xinhui Community, the cold storage on the first floor of Unit 833 in Building No. 833 is quite conspicuous-the "iron cage" with a length of more than 3 meters and a height of 2 meters protects the refrigeration compressors tightly. The reporter saw here on December 20 that the compressor installed close to the outer wall would start working every half an hour to an hour, and the low-frequency noise emitted would resonate and move up the wall. The noise produced by the compressor lasts for about 15 minutes before it gradually disappears. When the noise is the strongest, a clear "humming" sound can be heard tens of meters away.
"This was originally a garage, this kind of refrigeration compressor shouldn't be there!" Mr. Sui, who lives on the 4th floor of Unit 1, Building 883, said that Xinhui Community is an old community that has been built and lived in for nearly 20 years. The first floor is designed as a garage. But nearly a year ago, someone rented a garage on the first floor of a unit and transformed it into a cold storage. The refrigeration compressor must be installed in the cold storage. "The compressor is on for 24 hours, and the low-frequency vibration generated becomes the source of noise!"
The reporter noticed that the cold storage area is more than 30 square meters and the door is tightly locked. Some nearby residents said that the community is close to the wholesale market, which was refitted by a household in the market after renting the garage. "It's early in the morning when the warehouse is opened and the goods are loaded. We basically haven't seen the boss!"
The owner of the cold storage didn't see it, but the noise followed. Mr. Sui lives on the 4th floor, two floors away from the cold storage. The constant noise is still unbearable. “The noise extends from the soles of the feet and along the wall. It’s good to say during the day, and the noise is more obvious in the dead of night.” Mr. Sui said, this low-frequency noise is not like ordinary noise, “it’s a bit like a floor vibrator. The soles of the feet keep shaking up to the top of the head!" Mr. Sui told reporters that his family was almost debilitated.
It's quite difficult to solve the noise source
The noise of the cold storage does not only affect Mr. Sui's family. Residents on the third floor of the same unit said that the noise from their homes is more pronounced. "Almost people can't fall asleep!" As for the residents on the second floor, which is separated from the cold storage by one floor, they simply prepared to move away to avoid the noise.
"It was quite quiet in the community, but since we had this cold storage, our lives have been accompanied by annoying noise. How can the garage in a residential building be changed privately? Has other residents agreed?" Many residents expressed the hope that relevant departments can intervene to deal with it so that the cold storage can "move" as soon as possible.
The reporter contacted Manager Zhu of Xinhui Property. He said that before this, some residents had indeed reported that the noise of the cold storage had disturbed the residents. At the reporter's request, Manager Zhu led the staff to conduct an on-site investigation and found that there was indeed a compressor noise problem, but he said that it was "difficult to deal with."
Manager Zhu said that first of all, the property has no law enforcement power and cannot forcefully remove the noise source. Secondly, it is impossible to identify whether the noise of the refrigeration compressor exceeds the standard. At the same time, he said that Xinhui Community is an old community. At the beginning of its completion, it did not consider the possibility of privately renovating garages in the future. Therefore, there are no relevant regulations on "prohibition of garage changes in use" in the property management convention. Related work has caused obstacles.
The reporter then reported the situation to the communities of Yongzheng Street and Fuli Street. The staff said that they will coordinate the community property and administrative law enforcement departments to deal with the matter, and strive to solve the noise problem that plagues residents.
Low-frequency noise causes a lot of disputes
The reporter learned during the interview that in recent years, there have been a lot of disputes due to the huge noise of outdoor compressors of refrigeration equipment such as air conditioners. The air-conditioning plug-in unit of the supermarket downstairs in a community of Shahekou District kept working day and night, and the noise made the residents miserable. Although the property, community, street and other institutions have repeatedly organized residents to communicate with the supermarket, the situation was still stalemate.
In a community in the development zone, two underground garages in an 11-story residential building were opened up and transformed into cold storage by the owner, causing the residents below the third floor to suffer from the noise. Residents have looked for properties and the Environmental Protection Agency. However, the noise decibel measured on site did not meet the standard. Although the property has issued a notice of violation rectification to the owner who rebuilt the cold storage, it also has no law enforcement power and cannot force the rectification. Eventually, through the coordination of the street and the community, the cold storage owner took the initiative to take measures to reduce the noise level.
It is understood that the current national air conditioner noise standards: the noise of the indoor unit of the air conditioner with cooling capacity below 2000W should not exceed 45 decibels, and the outdoor unit should not exceed 55 decibels; the noise of the split air conditioner indoor unit of 2500W~4500W should not exceed 48 decibels, outdoor The machine is not more than 58 decibels.
Lawyer Wang Jinhai of Beijing Yingke (Dalian) Law Firm said that in accordance with the "Property Law" and other relevant regulations, the construction of buildings must not violate the relevant national engineering construction standards and obstruct the ventilation, lighting and sunshine of adjacent buildings; real estate rights holders must not violate The state stipulates the disposal of solid waste, the emission of air pollutants, water pollutants, noise, light, electromagnetic wave radiation and other harmful substances; real estate right holders who use adjacent real estate for water, drainage, passage, and laying of pipelines shall try to avoid disposing of adjacent real estate. The owner of the real property right causes damage; if it causes an infringement of the owner’s neighboring rights, the source of the infringement shall be eliminated, and if the damage is caused, compensation shall be made.