Case study on control box of air-cooler for 10-15 degree cold storage unit

August 2, 2021

Project Content


A customer has a demand, there is a 10-15-degree library, 9M * 6m * 2.8m, volume 151 cubic, each library using a standby mode. Temperature is required to 10-15 degrees can be adjusted, meaning that the winter can not be lower than 10 degrees, summer temperature can not be higher than 15 degrees

The owner requests to choose Beijing Bizel compressor, the inside machine requests to use the explosion-proof type air-cooler, uses the hot fluorine defrosting.


Design ideas


Beijing Bizel compressor is a common compressor brand in the field of refrigeration, according to the type selection software of Kubao cold storage, (according to the mechanical load calculated by the cold storage, the evaporating temperature is 0 degrees, the condensing temperature is 40 degrees, the refrigerating capacity is 24KW, the unit adopts the high-temperature unit, and the 9HP unit adopts the u-type Box-type ejector unit. Because this cold storage is a temperature-adjustable cold storage, the evaporating temperature is about 8 degrees in summer, so the condenser should be enlarged to 12HP box-type U-type, the condensing area is 100 square, the unit adopts the four-way reversing valve hot fluorine defrosting system)

Kubao explosion-proof chiller is a common brand in the field of refrigeration and refrigeration. (according to the calculation of the load of the refrigerator, the evaporating temperature is 0 degrees, the distance between sheets is 4.5 mm, the explosion-proof motor is selected, the chiller defrosts hot fluorine, and the cooling capacity of the chiller needs 25KW)

In winter, when the temperature is below 10 degrees, adopt four-way reversing valve, reversing heating, maintain the temperature above 10 degrees.

The control box adopts four-way reversing valve cold and warm type, one storehouse, two machines, one use and one spare. Long time heating, the control box through the installation of time relay way, cut off the four-way reversing valve outside the power, outside the machine defrosting

Product name Product specification Quantity Unit Price Total Notes
10hp box type U type heating and cooling unit, kUB1000/4CES9 cold warm type   20000 40000 Beijing bizel compressor
Explosion-proof air cooler DL125   7600 15200 Explosion-proof grade Diibt4
Outdoor control box One use, one backup, automatic switch 1 4800 4800 Cold and warm



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