Case Study of refrigerating unit for adjustable temperature cold storage

August 20, 2021

Project content



A customer has a demand. There are two temperature regulation warehouses, 512 cubic meters respectively. Each warehouse uses one external machine and two cooling fans. The temperature is required to be adjustable from 10 to 25 degrees, which means that the temperature can not be lower than 10 degrees in winter and higher than 25 degrees in summer. The owner requires to select Zhejiang bizel compressor and kubao European cooling fan.



Design ideas



Zhejiang bizel compressor is a commonly used compressor brand in the field of refrigeration. According to kubao cold storage selection software (according to the mechanical load calculated by the cold storage, evaporation temperature of 5 degrees, condensation temperature of 40 degrees, refrigeration capacity of 40kW, high-temperature unit is selected, and 15HP U-box top outlet fan unit is selected, because this warehouse is a cold storage with adjustable temperature. When working in summer, the evaporation temperature is about 15 degrees, so the condenser should be enlarged to 25HP box type U-type, with a condensation area of 170 square meters). Kubao European cooling fan is a brand in the field of refrigeration (according to the cold storage load calculated by the cold storage, the evaporation temperature is 5 degrees, the chip spacing is 4.5mm, with electric heating pipe, and the cooling capacity of the cooling fan needs 40kW. If two cooling fans are used, the cooling capacity of each cooling fan is 20kW)

When the temperature is lower than 10 degrees in winter, electric heating shall be adopted to maintain the warehouse temperature above 10 degrees.

The control box adopts cold and warm nak132.





Selection scheme



1. Model of U-box air cooling unit: kub1500 / (15HP) HP: 15HP refrigerant: R404A voltage: 380V 3Ph 50Hz unit standard configuration: compressor, condenser, motor, pressure control, pressure gauge, filter, reservoir, with solenoid valve

2 European cooling fan model: spae062d fan voltage: 380V 50Hz

3. Model of thermal expansion valve: tges7.5 R404A

4. Model of electric control box: nak337 cooling and heating control type, fan independent control, one warehouse and two machines, customized (10HP, 380V, 3Ph 50Hz)

Customer evaluation

This customer is an air conditioning installation engineer. He chose a scheme and won the bid for the project half a month later. We think that our selection is correct, the price is reasonable and the early-stage service is considered, which helps customers win the bid quickly and gives us high recognition.