Case of Apple storehouse in Shanghai supermarket

September 14, 2021

It's golden autumn October again. During September and October every year, apples are picked and listed in large quantities, and the market price is relatively cheap. Therefore, fruit farmers in main apple producing areas such as Shandong Jiaodong Peninsula and Shaanxi install or rent many cold storages to store newly picked apples, avoid listing during the period when apples are just listed, and strive to push them to the market after the price rises after new year's day.

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This is true for fruit farmers. For supermarkets in some big cities, considering the low price during the listing period, they centrally purchase a large number of apples for storage. A few days ago, there was a case to share with you!



The customer is a part of the supermarket warehouse, which is used as a fresh-keeping cold storage. Each purchase of apples is nearly 10 tons, the warehouse volume is about 90 cubic meters, and the storage temperature of apples is - 2 degrees. Therefore, we suggest to match 5 pieces of kubao air conditioning external unit + Baoku DD40 air conditioner. The following is the actual picture returned after the installation of the installation engineer's customer on site




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Actual photo of cold storage (without any decoration)



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Actual picture of external machine cold storage



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The equipment was purchased by an engineer who did the installation of cold storage. During the installation and commissioning, there was a small episode.



Usually, the shutdown temperature of the fresh-keeping warehouse is more than 0 degrees, and the suitable storage temperature of apples is minus 2 degrees. Therefore, the shutdown temperature of the thermostat needs to be modified in this place. After the modification, during the process of loading and cooling after startup, it was found that the temperature dropped from normal temperature (about 27 degrees in Shanghai) to 2 degrees above zero. However, when it reached 0 degrees, it was very slow to cool down. The compressor operated continuously for more than 3 hours, and the temperature still hovered at zero. The customer found problems and contacted our manufacturer's after-sales technology in time, After communicating with customers about the installation and use process, we put forward several points that customers may need to pay attention to:



1) The warehouse is an old warehouse, and there is some moisture at the bottom. For such an old warehouse, the cooling is usually slow, but after the temperature drops down, there will be no such problem.



2) Apples have high moisture and high stacking density, and we all know that water has latent heat at 0 degrees. In this process, it may take more time to cool down.



3) The vacuum pumping time of the customer system is short. And the operation is not standardized (do not use the compressor in the unit to vacuumize). It is uncertain whether the vacuum is completely vacuumized, so it is recommended to vacuumize again





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After after-sales technical support and on-site installation, some adjustments and improvements were made on site. The previous problems were solved the next day, and there were no previous problems later.



Shanghai kubao Refrigeration Co., Ltd. fully cooperates with the master of cold storage installation engineer to do a good job in pre-sales selection, installation and commissioning and after-sales technical support. If you have any questions, please contact us.