Application and introduction of explosion-proof cold storage

November 23, 2023

The explosion-proof cold storage requires strict design, precision, safety, etc. The explosion-proof mark is IICT4 explosion-proof grade, which can be directly used in dangerous places with explosive gases for storing and transporting dangerous goods. Explosion-proof cold storage is mainly used in chemical industry, electronics, flavors and fragrances, alcohol, ethanol and other flammable and explosive dangerous products.


In addition to all the functions of ordinary cold storage, explosion-proof cold storage must also have the functions of relative constant temperature, fire prevention, explosion unloading, early warning, alarm and prevention of overflow of inventory items. Today, Refrigeration Encyclopedia will briefly explain several functions.


1. As long as the ordinary cold storage with relatively constant temperature can reach a certain temperature range, the temperature of the explosion-proof cold storage must meet the storage temperature requirements of the product unconditionally, which means that the storage temperature of the explosion-proof cold storage is relatively stable, even if the cold storage is defrosted during the evaporation period and the fluctuation of the storage temperature is relatively stable when the cold storage is in large quantities. Usually, we use one standby refrigeration equipment, cross operation or grading operation to ensure the storage temperature, and use constant temperature water defrosting equipment to solve the defrosting problem, thus reducing the temperature fluctuation of the cold storage temperature during defrosting.


2. The storeboard of fire-proof and explosion-proof cold storage must meet the requirements of fire protection for more than 3 hours and be equivalent to the thermal insulation coefficient of polyurethane thermal insulation materials. Besides, the storeboard must also have certain structural functions, that is to say, the thermal insulation core material of the storeboard itself must have thermal insulation, fire resistance, structure and the function of supporting the storeroom by its own structure. So as to ensure that the strength of the warehouse body itself will not change when an accident occurs. The library board must have the functions of cold storage board and firewall.


3. Like ordinary cold storage, the temperature grade of explosion-proof cold storage can be divided into high, medium and low temperature fire extinguishing devices. Usually carbon dioxide gas is used to extinguish the fire, which adapts to the automatic fire extinguishing function at various temperatures. In this way, it is necessary to install a pressure relief and explosion unloading device on the cold storage, which must be calculated according to the surface area of the cold storage and the amount of carbon dioxide gas ejected during fire extinguishing, and the direction of pressure relief and explosion unloading and the space to be relieved must be safe.


4, early warning and alarm Explosion-proof cold storage must consider its own self-help and alarm functions when designing. For example, when the articles in the cold storage are leaked, the cold storage will automatically close the door of the cold storage within 6 seconds, cut off the power supply of the cold storage and output an alarm at the same time, the fire extinguishing device will automatically turn on within 30 seconds, and the pressure relief and blasting device will automatically turn on according to the pressure in the cold storage to adjust the pressure in the cold storage. So that the inflammable and explosive articles in the warehouse will always have accidents in the warehouse.


5, the construction of explosion-proof cold storage, need to be built below the external level ground. That is to say, when the materials stored in the warehouse overflow, they will not flow out to other places, and they will always wait for treatment in the same place. This is a necessary structural property of the core material of the warehouse board, because this kind of flammable and explosive corrosion is super strong, and the galvanized steel plate on the surface of the warehouse board is easy to rot and rust, and the strength can only be guaranteed by the core material of the warehouse board.



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